The CRPL has a fortnightly seminar series where speakers from inside and outside the University of Leeds present current research on any aspect of religion that, in one way or another, intersects with public life locally, nationally or internationally. The seminars are open to all with an academic interest in the study of religion and public life.

Unless indicated otherwise, seminars take place on Wednesdays 1-2pm, in the Botany house seminar room (1.03) on campus.

25 January 2018, 5-7pm: Joint CRPL and LUCAS African Studies seminar with Prof Birgit Meyer (Utrecht University) on “Studying Religion in and from Africa“.

7 February 2018: Hollie Gowan (University of Leeds), “The Pursuit of Happiness’: a study of women working in ‘Religiously-Inspired Charitable Organisations’ (RICOs) and their search for social change in contemporary China”.

21 February 2018: Dr Karen O’Donnell (University of Durham), “Reflecting on Miscarriage: Towards a Theology of Body/ies”.

7 March 2018: Jamys Carter (University of Leeds), “Women ministers? The Pentecostal grassroots tensions”.

21 March 2018: Dr Mel Prideaux (University of Leeds), “Neighbourhoods as Multi Faith Spaces: Religion in the ‘Land of Strangers”.

19 April 2018: Research day on “Religion and Climate Change“, with Dr Stefan Skrimshire (Leeds), Dr Jeremy Kidwell (Birmingham) and Dr Evan Berry (Washington).

2 May 2018: Professor Mika Vähäkangas (Lund University, Sweden): “Nkamba as the Location of Anti-Colonial Reconciliation: The Kimbanguist Holy City”.

16 May 2018: Dr Stuart McAnulla (POLIS, Leeds), “A Secular Prophet? Explaining the Rise of Jordan Peterson”.

25 May 2018: Research day on “Christianity and Non-Normative Sexualities“, with Dr Susannah Cornwall (Exeter), Dr Silvia Falcetta (York), Dr Jo Sadgrove (Leeds), Dr Caroline Starkey (Leeds) and Dr Adriaan van Klinken (Leeds).

6 July 2018: Research day on “Researching Religion in Leeds“, with Prof. Chris Baker (Goldsmith) and several other speakers.