Worshipping the Snake Goddess in Northeast India

Dr Mikel Burley is Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the University of Leeds, UK. A more extensive account of the Manasā Pūjā festival at Kāmākhyā will appear in his article ‘Dance of the Deodhās: Divine Possession, Blood Sacrifice and the Grotesque Body in Assamese Goddess Worship’, forthcoming in Religions of South Asia 12/2 (2019). The... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Pentecostalism in Kenya: of Prophets, Holiness and Politics

Kwame Ahaligah is a PhD Student examining Pentecostalism, Prophecy and Politics in Kenya, in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds Debates on the public role of religion in the contemporary African public sphere have been stimulated by the Pentecostal-Charismatic explosion since the 1980s. Prior to this period, Pentecostalism... Continue Reading →

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